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Professional and Functional Web Design

Effective Web Design Delivers Across Devices and Provides Access to All Visitors

Custom Design: We don’t use templates or page builders. We create an attractive, unique, and brand-consistent design that effectively delivers your content and converts customers.
Extensive Review Process: We mock up your various page templates using AdobeXD before writing a single line of HTML. By agreeing on a basic design before building the site, we limit the potential for surprises at project completion.
Consistent Branding: We create your site using existing brand guidelines or develop essential brand elements for you. Your site will deliver a consistent and professional style across all pages.
Responsive Design: Your site will not only work across a multitude of devices; it will look spectacular doing so!

You Approve the Design Before We Write the Code

Over years of website development, I have established a system designed to maximize client input and limit surprises. I start with essential elements such as typography and color schemes, then build to the eventual web design allowing for your feedback along the way.

Before we build out your website, my professional designers will provide AdobeXD template mockups that allow you to review and make changes to your design before we start writing any code. You’ll be able to assess how your site will look on both mobile and desktop devices. You’ll even be able to share the web-based mockups with your associates to ensure everyone is comfortable moving forward.

Responsive Design is More Than Collapsible Columns

Virtually all page builders and design systems provide responsive design out of the box, but not all screen adaptable layouts are created equal. It's not enough to stack content on mobile devices. Key content should always flow to the top of the page while maintaining a user-friendly browsing experience.

When planning site responsiveness, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • It should be easy to make contact with the site owner regardless of device. Users shouldn’t have to scroll through multiple secondary content layers to reach your contact form or phone number.
  • Critical messaging, including your call to action, should always flow to the top of the page.
  • Sites should deliver menus, site navigation elements, and sidebars in a manner that’s convenient and useful for the end-user.

User Accessibility is Good Business

Just as a store or office plans its layout to accommodate customers and employees with special needs, I design and develop websites accessible to those who may not use traditional browsers. Unfortunately, most website developers fail to consider the needs of users who have challenged vision, are unable to use a conventional mouse, or rely on screen-reading devices.

My designers and I consider web accessibility with every webpage we build and every element we create. We evaluate color contrast and text size on every site page and even add accessibility code into images, menus, and other navigation elements. Designing user-accessible websites isn’t just the right thing to do. Creating a portal for all your potential customers, regardless of their accessibility challenges, is good business.

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