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I'll Develop Your Site for Performance and Customer Conversion

We Custom Build Your Website With Modern Open-Source Tecnology

Built With Gatsby: We create most of our sites using Gatsby’s open-source framework. Gatsby’s lightning-fast page load times will give your customers a first-class experience and will provide your business a leg up on the competition.
Custom Built for Your Business: We don’t use page builders or pre-configured themes. We’ll create your site from the ground up to deliver your unique selling message and convert new customers.
Professional Animation: We build custom user-friendly loading and transition animations into your site. Subtle and smooth motion adds a level of professionalism that communicates your passion for excellence and improves user experience.
Ready for Growth: We’ll build your site so that virtually anyone can update the content--no coding required. Your site can grow with your business as you expand and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.
No Proprietary Systems: Many developers use proprietary or closed-source development solutions. We use open-source and widely-used platforms such as Gatsby and React. We store your code on GitHub, allowing you to access it at any time.

Welcome to Gatsby

Tim Ryan Development started as a WordPress design company, but I upgraded to Gatsby and similar technologies for a few reasons. First and foremost, Gatsby sites outperform their WordPress counterparts by a large margin. When built correctly, Gatsby sites facilitate virtually instantaneous viewing experiences for their visitors.

Gatsby delivers content more quickly because, unlike WordPress and most page builders, Gatsby pre-compiles your website before your visitor even clicks through to your web domain. Users no longer have to wait several seconds, or even longer, for your server to run thousands of computer code lines before compiling a single web page.

In addition to delivering a first-class visitor experience, Gatsby provides developers with the flexibility to use various content platforms, interfaces, and web tools more efficiently. Whether you’re implementing conversion tracking, preloading fonts, or connecting to an e-commerce service, Gatsby makes life simple.

Why I Don’t Use Page Builders

There’s nothing wrong with using page builder sites such as Wix, Weebly, Webflow, or even WordPress if you only have to manage two to three pages of content and want to build your website on a shoestring budget. These systems allow for quick deployment with templated designs, but their simplified workflow comes at a cost.

Page builders make it difficult to deliver a consistent and unique brand message, especially if you’re managing more than a few pages of content. Most page builders have a templating system built-in, but they’re often limited in scope without widespread designer buy-in. In many cases, designers add styling on an element-by-element basis, which makes updating your site more difficult over time.

Extensible Design

We shouldn't think about Website development as a one-and-done endeavor. Web development is an ongoing process of growth and adaptation. Your competitors aren’t going to wait around for you to catch them. If you want to compete, you’ll have to keep moving forward while consistently improving your site and adding new content.

As part of the development process, I'll build your content platform so that you can update copy throughout your entire website, or even across multiple sites or platforms, with a single update. I'll incorporate sitewide theming standards to ensure consistent branding and empower your team to make thematic changes without completely rebuilding your site.

Perhaps you’ll decide to launch a blog or expand your customer testimonials down the road. One could never be certain about what changes will need to be made down the road, but I'll design your website so you can implement such adaptations and improvements as efficiently as possible.

You Own Your Site and Its Code

I love building and managing websites, especially well-designed sites. Even so, once I complete your site, you own the code. If you choose to move on to another qualified web developer, they could deploy your site in a matter of minutes.

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