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We Provided Copywriting, Web Development, and Lead Capture Services

Posted March 18, 2021 in Web Development


Our Client: Ponce D. Moody Funding (PDM Funding) is a Raleigh-based loan origination company focusing primarily on commercial real estate funding. They originate financing of up to $5 billion for new commercial real estate projects and can often secure funding even when traditional banks will not approve project loans. PDM Funding also helps investors secure funding for fix and flip transactions, energy projects, new equipment purchases, and farm and ranch expansion.

Project Overview: PDM Funding needed a new website to provide information about their vast array of funding services and offer customers a simple way to contact them. Tim Ryan Development researched each of the funding areas and created custom SEO-optimized content for each service area. We then developed a unique website that would promote PDM Funding and offer the flexibility to expand the site with new content and services down the road.

Moving Forward: We look forward to partnering with PDM Funding as they continue to grow and finance major real estate projects across the globe. Plans are underway to expand the PDM platform with automated application submission and client case studies.

Technology Stack: We built the PDM Funding website using Gatsby and a customized content management system with the Sanity Studio. The site automatically directs customer response forms to the FormKeep backend, and we configured Google Analytics to measure traffic and site conversions. The Google Tag Manager implementation creates the framework to deliver future marketing campaigns and customer tracking.

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